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Killeen reader calls for putting photo on Americans’ Social Security cards


To the Editor:

President Barack Obama accused Republicans of jeopardizing 50 years of expanded access to ballot boxes, that benefit millions of black Americans and other minorities. The president’s point of view is that of absolutely no form of identification should be necessary in order to vote.

That does not make any sense. I have never seen anyone cashing a check and telling the cashier “I don’t have any form of ID, but trust me, that’s my name,” or boarding an aircraft or driving without an ID for that matter.

In Texas, a person without the means to pay for a personal Texas ID can obtain one free of charge.

The president added that he agrees with reasonable attempts to secure the ballot except for requiring an ID that millions of Americans don’t have. Millions?

Andrew Young, former U.N. ambassador, proposed an idea that would be a great step forward in safe guarding the voting concept. Along with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, they suggested placing a photo on Social Security cards. It is time, especially since every American has a Social Security card.

Will the president endorse the proposal? I hope so, I cannot conceive this idea as a threat to freedom.

Let’s move forward and have every citizen prove that they deserve the right to vote and prove it with a picture ID.

retired Master Sgt. Pedro C. Santiago