To the Editor:

It was just reported on Fox News and Fox Business news this morning (July 9) that newly released governmental data shows there are now more people in the USA receiving some form of food assistance than there are people working full time.

Moreover, of this total, in the food stamp program alone, 1 out of every 6 people in the USA is now on food stamps. That’s right —1 out of 6! Amazing statistic isn’t it? Incredibly troubling, isn’t it?

Fox News reported that just the food stamp program alone has quadrupled in the last 10 years and most of that in the years since Obama has been president.

This is despite the fact that we are in a supposed recovery from the great recession, which means the food stamps numbers should be going down instead of up. So how can this be explained?

Answer: The Obama administration has greatly loosened qualification requirements for food stamps and other government assistance programs, thus making hordes of people eligible that otherwise would not be eligible for this governmental assistance.

It especially includes the Obama administration advertising and peddling of food stamps, and particularly to illegal aliens. In fact, they pay for this advertising, in Mexico, before the illegals even unlawfully cross over our borders.

Honest, it’s true.

Folks, this only gets worse when the “Gang of Eight’s” immigration bill gets imposed on us and, get this, it is unsustainable. No way can we sustain this indefinitely. Common sense alone should tell you that.

Ask yourself a very simple question, an honest question. How long can workers support non-workers when there are more freeloaders than there are workers?

Well, folks, that’s what we have right now. It’s not coming. It’s here right now. This is the way it is today, this minute, right now as you are reading this, according to this Fox News report.

How does that make you feel? Does it get you worried? Does it get you worked up? How long can this be sustained before we collapse?

Ed Coet


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Allen Ray Davidson

The number of food stamp recipients began rising sharply in 2009 due to the unemployment increase after the 2008 economic collapse. Although unemployment has decreased since its highs, Americans remain greatly underemployed. Landing a job does not necessarily take an unemployed person off the food stamp program if that job pays near-minimum wages, does not offer enough hours, or a family with children is involved.

The President's discussions about food stamps are useful for providing information about the program to millions of Americans who aren't knowledgeable about the program but could benefit from it in these continuing hard times. However, I find any assertions that the President's discussions are specifically targeted at illegal immigrants to be ridiculous.

Gary Caraway

FOX news also reports the captains of the Asiana flight names as; Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo. (They did correct their mistake later.)

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