To the Editor:

What is going on with the Killeen City Council? Too many council meetings behind closed doors, called workshops, then they changed the time of meetings from 6 o’clock to 5 o’clock, and then they only last about 15 minutes.

What happened to transparency, or should I say what is it that you don’t want the citizens who elected you to know?

We still have no idea what happened to all the money that’s unaccounted for. No police presence in north Killeen, no street maintenance in north Killeen.

We may not be the richest part of Killeen, but we are still citizens and we still vote.

Some of us are not able to attend meetings, so your televised meetings are our only way to know what is going on with the city.

When Mr, (Tim) Hancock and (Dan) Corbin were mayor,  meetings were two, sometimes three hours long and televised. Now all televised portions are less then 30 minutes, if televised at all.

We have an election soon. We need someone who really wants citizens to know what our elected officials are doing.

Jim Thompson


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