Killeen reader complains of lack of street maintenance in parts of city

To the Editor:

We keep hearing that the street department of Killeen is strapped and cannot do the required repairs for lack of money.

I have read somewhere that Willow Springs is slated to get resurfaced and repaired, which is sorely needed.

While knowing it is slated for work, last week the city re-painted lines on the street. While re-striping may be needed, wouldn’t it be better to wait until it is resurfaced?

If we are doing these things all over, it is no wonder that we can’t do required work.

On Watercrest Drive, you can barely drive without holding on tight to the steering wheel.

Willow Springs has pavement coming up and holes starting and we are re-striping.

Let’s look at what we are doing.

Gary Schoen


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