To the Editor:

It was deeply heartening and highly encouraging to note the number of honors received by the KDH at the Associated Press Managing Editors’ annual meeting held recently at South Padre Island. The most notable is the Newspaper of the Year award in the Class AA category in Texas.

Over the more than 12 years of regularly reading the KDH, I was steadily impressed by how much it continued to aim for the highest possible standard ever in newspaper publishing.

To me, to have a “conservative” stance in one thing; to present a balanced, well-thought-out, reasoned and reasonable point-of-view is entirely quite another. The newspaper’s “heart” is in all the right places. It avoids over-generalization unless otherwise warranted. It isn’t perfect, but it seldom compromises its integrity — avoiding sacrificing fairness or slanting facts and figures to fit the so-called “emotionally charged” bias.

Any human construct, written or otherwise, is not eternal. It is subject to change, but not the supreme value of human life. Laws and the so-called “rights” are there because of who we are and what life is all about.

Take that encompassing truth away and all is oblivion.

This, I believe, is what KDH is not willing to overlook or to water down — to underscore, as it were, its “core value” as a vital and important daily newspaper.

I hope I am right! If so, I envision KDH steadily processing the upward trend through the coming years.

Retired Rev. B.B. Mequi


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