To the Editor:

Let’s do some math. Killeen has a total population of about 135,000. Minus all the minors, felons, illegals, etc. who cannot vote, that leaves 100,000 potential voters.

The recent mayoral race brought out less than 3,500 votes. What percentage is that? Four percent — the historic average.

That sends a clear message to several levels. The locals now know you do not care in the least about city services, schools, etc. Officials in Austin and D.C. plainly see a void on the voter maps. They operate on the numbers system.

If it were not for the Fort Hood factor, Killeen would have the same political respect as Pidcoke.

Scheduling the election on a holiday weekend also would bring out people. So let’s have a contest. How many things can you do with an unused voter registration card?

And it is time to tidy up and take all the political signs off the landscape. We really did not need ’em anyway.

Wayne Duncan


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That was a total count, 3500, of which the mayor only received 43 % of the total votes, or, using your numbers, 3500 X .43 X 100,000 / 1505 = 0.0151 % of the total city wide population. Whow. Shows you what this city thinks of electing people to represent them. It all goes with the old adage, 'you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink'.

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