To the Editor:

 “Under the banner, “State lawmakers seek to muzzle constituents” another partisan left political editorial in the  Killeen Daily Herald, we, as in We the People, are being spoon fed the lie that rioting in the streets, blocking traffic and assault are to be construed as a group of engaged members of a civil society.

The writer of this partisan left attack on the actual civil society is clearly seen when they speak of protesters.

Maybe I live in an alternate universe, but at what point did we change the definition of protester into one who riots in the street, burns police cars, breaks storefront windows, robs, steals and attacks innocent bystanders?

Item next, not telling the truth behind the Democrat shenanigans and disruptions at Republican town hall meetings throughout the country is just further proof of your partisanship and willingness to bend the truth to sell your left of center message.

Probably the funniest thing said in this hit piece was that, “Legislators should listen to constituents who care enough to take to the streets,” but where were these niceties and logical thought progressions when you spoke of the actual civil protests and marches by the “Tea Party”? I’ll tell you where, nowhere.

The real truth is, the United States is an exceptional country that has played a uniquely good role in history.

The protesters of today are by and large sore losers and anarchist.

When cities turn a blind eye to the lawlessness caused by the out of control alt-left for political reasons, state laws must be used to quell that lawlessness.”    

 Phillip L. Newton

Retired U.S. Army first sergeant


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Dr Strangelove

Another thing the MSM is not telling us. The people that are in charge of this March (Protest) support Sharia Law. I’ve been to Saudi—Trust me we don’t want it here. If you’re a Pro-Life woman you’re not allowed. These Groups were paid by George Soros 246 Million Dollars to spew their Anti-American garbage. Did any of these women SLAM—Sharia Law? NO! These leftwing bimbos are full of it. As for those town hall meeting these so-called protesters are being bused in from other districts—again getting paid. Reminds me when the USSR paid German hippies to protest nuke sites in West Germany.


Spot on, Sir!


They are town meetings, with small "republican". Representative are supposed to represent their constitutients. If they don't like what the representative has done they should expect harsh treatment. Not to be confuse with riots which I am not talking about.


Excellent and accurate letter couldn't agree more

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