To the Editor:

While I don’t need a teddy bear, a quiet crying room,  counseling or medication for anxiety and depression (as some did during the past election), there are some things that are driving me to the brink.

First, turning the right of speech into a joke. It seems that it only applies to one  segment of the population, as evidenced by incidents at various universities and seen at demonstrations.

They claim the right, but if one opposes their view or statements then you are labeled as being anti-immigrant, anti-gay, women hater, racist, etc., etc.

Second, the constant, virulent and pervasive attacks on the sitting president. His recent trip throughout Asia was basically a successful one, yet the only issue talked about is his apparent reluctance to call the president of Russia a liar when he denied involvement in America’s election.

These are the same people (both Democrats and Republicans) who criticized him severely for responding to North Korea’s president’s threats with stronger ones.  They are afraid of insulting the leader of a country whose population depends a great deal on aid from other countries, but believe it is all right to do so against a leader of one of the most militarily advanced countries in the world with power (including nuclear) that surpasses North Korea’s beyond one’s imagination.  Seems a bit irrational to me.

Third, claims of sexual harassment, abuse and assault are now alarmingly high. Reports of incidents that happened 30-40 years ago are becoming more frequent.

Credibility is never in question.  Even former President George H. W. Bush made the news.  A man in his 90s suffering from Vascular Parkinsonism, was accused of sexual assault for touching a woman’s buttocks inappropriately while in a wheel chair, next to his wife while pictures were taken.

  He was also accused of telling a “dirty sexual joke”:  “my favorite magician is David Cop A Feel.”  I’m sure there’s some that would like to see him go to jail for that “crime.”

They are forgetting that the White House was the site of the most notorious case of sexual abuse and the perpetrator was the president at the time.  I  don’t recall — did he serve time?

Really despicable are people like Jimmy Kimmel.  They make fun of, criticize and demonize people in those situations until videos show up with them doing the same thing.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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