To the Editor:

Someone said that the definition of a pessimist is a person, who when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin.

This description matches perfectly to the feelings and actions of those who will find something objectionable with any decision coming out of the White House.

They repudiate and deride any action whether it benefits the majority of Americans or not.

Of course. this is also quite understandable, if one considers their main goal: to remove President Trump from office at any cost.

Their merciless and methodical battle to destroy the present administration is causing harm to the country. They seem oblivious to the fact that 50 percent of the population disagrees with their approach.

Ultimately, time will be the deciding factor.

Will the Democrats succeed in their quest?

In my opinion, if they do, there will be a reactionary backlash that will lead to reason and common sense prevailing over the virulent beliefs and goals of the ultra-left.

These include college professors, leftist students and the like.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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