To the Editor:

Seems like the “darlings” of the American left (Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg) never miss an opportunity to criticize, demean or destroy their guest’s point of view, especially if they are Republicans or anyone who disagrees with their political agenda.

Their recent interview with actor Antonio Sabato proved without a doubt that their overbearing, outrageous attitude and their deliberate attempt to outwit their guests have no place on television.

Fortunately, he kept his composure and no matter how hard they tried, he would not concede to them that illegal immigration is a godsend to America and that border protection is not really necessary.

He and his family were immigrants who came here legally and waited a long time for citizenship.

He is presently running for political office in California and does not believe in Sanctuary Cities, or states, for that matter.

The other gem from “The View” took place early in the Olympics. They were bashing Vice President Pence for what seemed like everything he had said or done since arriving in South Korea.

Joy Behar stated, “Vice President Pence says that he talks to God and I guess that’s all right, but when he says that God talks to him, that’s a clear case of mental illness.”

I imagine that she forgot that in a Christian country, many great individuals and faithful believers claim to have had the same experience.

The Rev. Martin Luther King and the Rev. Billy Graham were among a great many to have done so.

In essence, Ms. Behar, you have managed to call them not only liars but mentally ill, also.

If I may offer a suggestion, there are openings in your field of work in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey or Iran are good choices; please avail yourself of that opportunity.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Have you heard of John McCain?
How about the despicable comments that Trump( the draft dodger) said about Senator McCain? Or that doesn't count!!
Trump's rude, untrue comments about tons of people -disgraceful!!
Trump University fraud- paid $25,000,000 in claims. More fraud-
What about Don Jr. and his comment about the students in Florida. Called then crisis actors. Sick!!
Joy Behar is a comedian . Do some research on Pence- he fits in well with the Trumps!


About the only needing to be locked up at Obama, Lerner, Clinton, Holder, Huma and more of the the former Muslim-in-Chief's administration.


Right on.

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