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Killeen reader differs with previous letter writer on presidential ‘lies’


To the Editor:

I normally agree with most of Mr. (John) Sammis’ letters and views, but his letter (March 22) about presidential lies is, in my opinion, wrong.

Our current president has made promise after promise — a few of which he has made good on.

In my opinion, a good number of the lies are not really lies but naive attempts to put forward a socialist agenda — an agenda that a large portion of the United States does not want.

The Affordable Care Act (i.e. “Obamacare”) is probably the largest combination of naivety and lies foisted on the people of the United States by the president.

The naive part is that everyone in the United States or even the majority of people are willing to pay exorbitant premiums for health care to support health care for those who do not now have it.

Also naive is the thought that the health care industry will not take advantage of Obamacare for its own gain.

The lies have been statements like “you can keep your doctor.”

Then there is “you can keep your plan, period.” Another lie from the president, one that affects my grandchildren, is “the Affordable Care Act reduces the deficit.”

The increased costs to consumers are only beginning to show up, and it will get worse.

Other presidential “lies”:

“The Republicans don’t care about people,” and “the Republicans are hurting the middle class.”

Both show the president wanting to make deeper the divisions between the parties and the divisions of the people.

The Republicans have a different view of the United States, one that includes all people adding value to the nation, not taking from the nation and adding nothing of value, as the Nanny state envisioned by the president does.

Another “lie”: “The recession is over.”

Tell that to the people who are still out of work. The books are being cooked for the unemployment rate as more folks drop out of the workplace altogether and then are not counted.

The real unemployment rate is double digits in this jobless recovery. There are more lies and naive statements from the president — which call into question his honesty and his basic qualifications as president.

Hal Dudley