To the Editor:

Once again, the city has disappointed the kids and parents in the Pershing Park and surrounding area by keeping their neighborhood pool closed.

While the official release states that “renovations” are needed for the second consecutive year, it is obvious there must be another reason to keep the pool closed.

Perhaps it is to justify the new Lions Park water park. While I would agree that it is a beautiful facility, I would remind the city officials that is a long walk to the pool from the Pershing Park neighborhood.

Since the city has elected not to repair the pool for whatever reasons, my suggestion is to consider selling the asset to a private entity, so they can provide a pool for that neighborhood.

I’m sure there are some local business people that would jump at the chance to be a part of a privately owned water park venture. I would respectfully ask the council members and our new city manager to revisit this matter and reopen the neighborhood pool that has served the community for many years. Thanks.

Ron Harris


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