To the Editor:

I understand the number one principle involved in the recycling program. I understand it is to preserve and protect our landfill.

I’ve been recycling ever since it was started on a volunteer basis. But to make it mandatory that I pay $20.89 per month for a 96-gallon trash can and a 96-gallon recycle can is ridiculous.

I mean, the Killeen City Council has not even done a rate study to determine the projected costs. But they are telling me what my rate is going to be!

Even the mayor was quoted in the Killeen Daily Herald that there are “uncertainties regarding the program.”

This statement is of grave concern to me, the taxpayer. Any time I hear those words, I know it will cost us, the taxpayer, more money!

My home consists of two people who would do well to fill a 96-gallon trash can and a 96-gallon recycle can in a month. The council’s proposed mandatory requirement will force me to help subsidize the whole program.

In other words, I am paying for something I will not be using to its full extent. This is the city government following the federal government’s example of intrusion on our rights as citizens.

I was told by the mayor “I was listening to propaganda.” If that is the case, then everyone needs to stop listening to their representative at council workshop sessions and council meetings.

If that’s the case, stop listening and watching the council TV broadcast, and stop reading what is printed in the newspaper.

Phillip B. Moore, Killeen

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[sad]how can the city charge anything for mandatory recycling? how about us seniors on S.S. ? we barely fill a 64 gallon halfway., just one more scheme to bleed our money.!


Yes, the two 96-gallon containers thing is a little ridiculous. My household has four people in it (one of them still using diapers like crazy) and we can't fill a 64-gallon container every week. The little blue recycling tub (10 gallons? 15?) is plenty for our recycling needs.

I can't think of any reason why the city (and therefore *us*) has to pay for a 96-gallon container for my house when the 64-gallon one is working just fine. What's going to happen to the 64-gallon container that I already have? Will it be dumped in a landfill, or recycled? And why, when I could keep using it?


Haven't we heard words similar to this before? Nancy Pelosi: "We Have to Pass Our Bill So That You Can Find Out What Is In It." I thought that Washington was the only place where that type of mentality existed. Its like Obamacare, only with trash. If recycling was as financially efficient as Ft. Hood I'd recycle everything if it were free, as it should be in the city makes money from it.


@ Even the mayor was quoted in the Killeen Daily Herald that there are “uncertainties regarding the program.”
I was told by the mayor “I was listening to propaganda.”

Yes there are uncertainties ---The fact ,the people have been quoted a price for a product, certain members on the council and city Gov., doesn't even know yet if its correct.

As far as the propaganda the letter writer was told of, From whom is it coming?
The side trying to sell the product to the citizens ?

During the election coming up and with early voting starting on Tuesday for City Council.
Make certain to find out as much information as possible about the people who are vying to be your representatives.
If they have done a fairly decent job if already on council ,You might want to invite them to return with your vote.
If they seem not to be all that interested in what the people themselves would prefer, let that be your rule of measurement to make your decision.
Learn from the past what has happened in the city of Killeen.

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