To the Editor:

KDH, article “President ... wants overtime pay for more salaried workers,” March 13, should have freedom loving Americans very concerned with yet another overreach of an out-of-control Executive Branch.

While this is not about a wrong that needs to be corrected, it is a less than covert way to buy votes from the underclass.

That is not to say people who would benefit are somehow less worthy that others, but if they cannot see through this illegal smokescreen, they are ignorant about the role of government, and therefore underclass because of education deprivation.

If this power grab is allowed, it will begin the slippery slope of executive actions as well thought out as the Affordable Healthcare Act, and the proposed minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour.

Although the president is by his words, “A Constitutional Scholar,” he has knowingly ignored the law, as articulated, in the very document he swore on President Lincoln’s Bible to support and defend.

The law which will forever be identified as his crowning achievement, “Obamacare,” was passed and allowed to go forward without a single member of the Republican Party voting for it, and not one Democrat ever having read it.

This slip-shod approach to legislation is destroying the fabric of freedom, and constitutional law.

The president selects bits and pieces of the very bill he signed into law, to exempt his cronies, members of Congress, certain preferred religious groups and unions from being forced to participate.

We The People cannot endure this abuse without the loss of the very thing we risked property, limb, and life to procure from our former abusers, the British.

I implore Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans to know who you are voting for, what they intend to do with your vote, and to hold them accountable.

Don Fender


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@ Although the president is by his words, “A Constitutional Scholar,”

A line in a Tom Cruise movie I think, Would fit the presidential statement
- Show me the money- or seeing is believing,
I know that statement has been made, but Have I or anyone Ever been allow to see it on paper ?
Have I or anyone ever saw an interview of a past student which our president has taught, If there's any out there, Some news reporter would have tracked them down by now to interview.

On the presidents new idea of raising hourly wages, Its all about money and the taking from one to give to others 'he thinks' deserves it. He doesn't take into consideration the repercussions, nor does he seem to care if there are any.

I became aware last week that those who have been military and happen to have Tricare for Life are now going to be 'forced' to receive what would be qualified as 'maintenance drugs' such as Blood Pressure, Diabetes 2 etc. type from the medical mail order division (Express-Scripts)of the U.S. Gov. There will be no ifs, ands, or buts, this plan went into effect March 14,2014.
You will be allowed two refills and then either you will order from the Gov. connected mail order division through phone, inter-net etc., or if you insist on still purchasing through Retail, You will be responsible for full purchase price. The option of filling them at a military hospital pharmacy has also been offered, which would be free of charge to the qualified person connected to the military. This plan does not include Active Duty.
This new idea of the Gov. on medical care, is suppose to save the 'customer' money and also of course the Gov.

One of the problems with this new pilot plan, besides being forced to do something without the individual's permission or else,
is the Pharmacy's in the area deal a majority of the time in customers connected to the military, Which means, this new idea will eliminate jobs at some of the local pharmacy's.
Many of the workers are worried about if they are going to be let go since they will lose business'. Part of the new Obamacare Medical Health Plan.

As usual, Good write up D. Fender

See information below TFL paperwork pertaining to pilot program now being received.

TRICARE For Life Pharmacy Pilot

Are you using TRICARE For Life?
Do you fill your prescriptions at a TRICARE network pharmacy?

If you said “yes” to both questions, you may have to participate in the new TRICARE For Life Pharmacy Pilot Program.

What is the Pilot?

The Pilot requires you to fill prescriptions for select maintenance drugs through Home Delivery or at a military pharmacy.

You Must Participate* in the Pilot if You:

You Don't Have to Participate in the Pilot if You:

•Use TRICARE For Life
•Live in the United States
•Have a prescription for a drug covered by the Pilot
•Are an active duty family member
•Have other prescription coverage
•Have a prescription for a drug not covered by the Pilot

In some scenarios, you may get a waiver from participating in the Pilot.

Drugs Covered by the Pilot

Maintenance drugs are those that you take regularly for a chronic condition (i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol). To see if your drugs are covered by the Pilot:
•Call Express Scripts at 1-877-363-1303.
•View the list of select maintenance drugs.

How the Pilot Works

Express Scripts will tell you if you have to participate in the Pilot.
•When you fill a prescription for a drug covered by the Pilot at a network pharmacy, you'll get a letter from Express Scripts. When you get this letter: ◦Review your options for filling prescriptions.
◦Make a decision about filling your prescriptions in the future.

•If you fill your prescription a second time at a network pharmacy, you’ll get another letter from Express Scripts about switching to Home Delivery.
•If you fill your prescription a third time at a network pharmacy, you’re responsible to pay 100% of the cost.

So you get these letters, make sure your address is correct in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS). You can verify your update your DEERS record online or by calling 1-800-538-9552.
Last Updated 3/14/2014


Compare the language, attitudes, and actions of this regime to the regimes that brought wreck and ruin in the last century. The historical parallels are frightening.

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