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Killeen reader expresses concern about Executive Branch overreach


To the Editor:

KDH, article “President ... wants overtime pay for more salaried workers,” March 13, should have freedom loving Americans very concerned with yet another overreach of an out-of-control Executive Branch.

While this is not about a wrong that needs to be corrected, it is a less than covert way to buy votes from the underclass.

That is not to say people who would benefit are somehow less worthy that others, but if they cannot see through this illegal smokescreen, they are ignorant about the role of government, and therefore underclass because of education deprivation.

If this power grab is allowed, it will begin the slippery slope of executive actions as well thought out as the Affordable Healthcare Act, and the proposed minimum wage increase to $10.10 per hour.

Although the president is by his words, “A Constitutional Scholar,” he has knowingly ignored the law, as articulated, in the very document he swore on President Lincoln’s Bible to support and defend.

The law which will forever be identified as his crowning achievement, “Obamacare,” was passed and allowed to go forward without a single member of the Republican Party voting for it, and not one Democrat ever having read it.

This slip-shod approach to legislation is destroying the fabric of freedom, and constitutional law.

The president selects bits and pieces of the very bill he signed into law, to exempt his cronies, members of Congress, certain preferred religious groups and unions from being forced to participate.

We The People cannot endure this abuse without the loss of the very thing we risked property, limb, and life to procure from our former abusers, the British.

I implore Democrats, Independents, Libertarians and Republicans to know who you are voting for, what they intend to do with your vote, and to hold them accountable.

Don Fender