To the Editor:

We the people are frustrated. Government does not care about us. We are tired of fewer jobs and low pay and no benefits. We rage against the machine.

Let’s look in another direction that causes us distress and pain. Since 1978, worker pay has risen only 11 percent. The stock market has risen 500 percent. CEO pay has risen 997 percent. Did you share in their good fortune?

When a company starts to fail, they start cutting workers and worker benefits.

The unemployment rate rises and we blame the government. The CEO seldom gets fired and if that CEO is fired they get a huge golden parachute worth millions, never a pay cut.

CEO of IBM — 20 consecutive quarter losses. Compensation $97 million.

CEO of Anthem Health Insurance— $16.5 million in 2016 and stock rose 40 percent. Did you get lower premiums?

Even though they claim they were losing money, the Humana CEO compensation tripled last year to $17 million — stock rose 34 percent.

UnitedHealth CEO compensation $16.7 million — stock rose 33 percent.

Drug company Regeneron makes an arthritis medicine. CEO compensation is $47 million. Did your drug costs go down?

CVS Health CEO compensation — $22.8 million.

How can companies, especially insurance companies say they are losing money while giving their CEOs such outrageous compensations and we get such minimal, if any, increases. It is not the government giving out these CEO compensations.

You might want to start looking at who really is to blame instead of blaming your neighbors, immigrants or the poor.

Sandra Blankenship


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And, some people go from flat broke to being worth a quarter of a billion in a little more than 10 years by giving speeches and running a family "charity" foundation.


Once again the "killeen reader" who happens to be the darling of the marxist/fascist left gets special attention for her letter. If you don't like what CEOs make, then get yourself on the board of these companies, or buy their stock, and change it. Don't think we don't recognize your disgusting class warfare nonsense straight out of the marx/engels playbook. If you don't like democracy and capitalism, then move to where there isn't any. In the interim, cease and desist from threatening our Constitution and our way of life. Real Americans would never suggest adopting marxism to solve your little pet peeve. You have become tiresome. Pack your bags and go away, and take your fellow Constitution and democracy haters with you when you go.


CEOs earn what they are paid and it is the decision of the company to set the salary. Blankenship is a far left socialist extremist whom I have met, who seems to oppose capitalism and the principles upon which this country was founded.

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