To the Editor:

Subject: Rep. Aycock’s legislation on military child education

I hope this legislation to study the military child’s education is successful at reaping more support for the military child. More importantly, I hope the study is used by decision makers in the military to determine how many deployments are made in a child’s family.

I moved to Texas on May 10, 2005, because one of my grandchildren (now 11 years old) has a mother who is a soldier. In my grandson’s lifetime, his mother has been deployed four times, and she is about to be deployed for the fifth time to the killing fields of Afghanistan.

Fortunately, my grandson is a good boy and a good student. The lowest score on his last report card was 91. The highest score was 116. However, one day he said, “Grandma, I want to be baptized.” During his baptism training, he broke down in tears, alluding to how much he has been through as a military child. He has been without his mother during important times in his life.

While my grandson’s behavior and grades do not reflect that he has been traumatized by the frequent deployment of a parent in the military, a deeper look using this legislation may reap funding for more programs to help support these students.

As a grandmother, I am hoping my grandson will not have to endure another deployment of his mom. She was in South Korea when I flew to Georgia to serve as her proxy to purchase a home for her near Fort Stewart, where she was promised to be with her son for at least four consecutive years. My grandson’s mom is a great soldier and committed to serving her country. But I do worry about my grandson, naturally.

Claudia Brown, Ph.D.,

retired principal


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I sincerely doubt that anyone representing the Army has promised your daughter that she will be with her son for "four consecutive years".

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