To the Editor:

The recent letter complaining about the verbal comments about the president deserves some response.

Let me list the reasons that some people criticize the president:

He was a flagrant draft dodger during the Vietnam conflict.

He seems to like to rattle his sword with a madman. We don’t need nuclear conflict.

He was recorded on videotape admitting that he sexually abused women. In fact he bragged about it. Which is why he won’t criticize the Republican candidate from Alabama.

His reference to President Clinton deserves some comment, but it should be noted that he (Clinton) had sex with a consenting adult. An impeachable offense, yes; a criminal offense no.

Every late-night comedian has made jokes about the president, no matter what party.

A very famous president once said; “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

If any of this puts anyone on the brink, they should get a life.

John Sammis


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