To the Editor:

Things that I would like to end, begin or continue during the next year. Some in jest, some serious.

1) A large sign placed on the city limits of International Falls and Hibbing, Minnesota (37 & 28 below zero, respectively) that says “Minnesota Welcomes Global Warming.”

2) Avoid nuclear war.

3) For Palestinians and others to admit that Israel and its citizens have the right to exist as a people and as a nation.

(It will never happen!)

4) For Special Prosecutor Mueller to finally end an investigation that has basically gone on for the past 18 months.

5) Respect for our nation, our flag, our military and national anthem.

Equally important, respect for other opinions, beliefs and rights under the Constitution (applies to both parties).

6) Disregard polls. Most are one-sided. If the majority of participants are loyal to one particular party, it is reflected in the results. On the latest poll for popularity, 39 percent Democrat voters, 33 percent Republican voters. Guess the results!

7) Immigration reform with the safety of our nation first and foremost.

8) Married taxpayers with incomes from $50,000 to $55,000, don’t just listen, verify and compare your 2017 tax filing with what it would be in 2018.

9) Mutual respect between men and women to avoid improprieties. Proof of guilt should be a must. Sexual predators should face the full extent of the law, especially if minors are involved.

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Also, those making false allegations to fulfill an agenda should do serious prison time.

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