To the Editor:

Christmas is once again approaching. People are scurrying around buying presents and wishing “glad tidings of comfort and joy” to everyone.

They are giving to the bell ringers and their favorite charities.

It is in this setting, once again, that they get the opportunity to feel good about themselves and others.

They run around full of Christmas cheer and spirit for one another.

Too bad these feelings of good cheer are not evident all year long.

These Christians look forward to celebrating the birth of a homeless brown-skinned child and family.

Parents wandering around on a dark and frigid night to give birth in a stable and the child being laid in a bed of hay.

Christians love this story. When, however, it comes to immigrants seeking shelter and asylum from violence and mayhem, feelings of good will and glad tidings of comfort and joy are not extended to these wandering souls.

There are people who cry out for a border wall to keep out those seeking safety and security.

However, they already have a wall — a wall built around their own hearts.

They adore the homeless brown child lying in the hay but accept the tear gassing of the children at the border.

We all should reread the Sermon on the Mount and the meaning of the Beatitudes.

Love has no borders.

Mayin Ho


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