To the Editor:

I can’t tell you how relieved I am that Killeen’s City Council is finally getting around to building a pocket park, and downtown to boot!

You wouldn’t believe how many times I have said to my wife, “If Killeen just had a pocket park, I would actually go downtown!”

You can’t imagine the thrill going up my leg just thinking about it.

My heart was originally set on a butterfly garden. But secretly I had held on to all hope against hope for a pocket park. Dreams do come true!

While I am optimistic that patrons will drive to downtown Killeen from all corners of Bell County and fill the park with nature lovers and children playing and intellectuals hunkered over concrete chessboards, I suspect the real motivation is to provide a place where nobody will see councilmen meeting with traffic light photo enforcement executives and recycling moguls.

Still dreaming,

Kurt Diederich


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[wink]you might want to use your chl when visiting the pickpocket park also, be sure you have vacated the area before dark unless you are in need of some crack or a working girl


Not sure what a pocket park is, but if it's where you learn how to be a pickpocket then I say GO FOR IT! will fit right into Killeen.


But yet the leaders of Killeen wanted to spend your tax dollars on the downtown area. I wonder why? Maybe they could of spent the money on something more beneficial, like maybe a bldg. where they can put cots and a kitchen, bath area with bathing facilities and a laundry room. This would have kept some of our homeless off the street, somewhere they could eat ,stay clean, do their laundry and sleep and maybe it would help them to get their life back. Stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. I'm sure some kind of deal could be worked out that they would get a job and help support the center. But no they had all that money to spend on something where nobody goes anymore.


Your wish has seemingly been answered. Records show that during the last council workshop, the homeless shelter rep lobbied the city for the remaining funds they needed to complete the shelter. It seems the council was receptive to his request and are looking into giving him a lot more than $10,000; instead, they were talked about receiving a whopping $200,000 plus.


@ While I am optimistic that patrons will drive to downtown Killeen from all corners of Bell County and fill the park with nature lovers and children playing and intellectuals hunkered over concrete chessboards

Just make certain if you decide to make the trip---
To be out of the downtown area by Night Fall.-- Killeen has its own group of vampires that come out after dark , and are on the streets of downtown Killeen, In any direction you look..

Or if you have a desperate need to see the wonders of this down town pocket park (someone has thought up as a way to spend money), make certain you are wearing a necklace of garlic or at least have a clove of garlic in your shirt pocket.


It is interesting about the idea of a pocket park in downtown, I think it it is a good idea seeing how the city seems to trying to convert the downtown area into an area that provides more than a, self-earned, negative reputation. If the city is sincere about what they are trying to do, then I think it is a good future investment idea. Killeen will just have to make sure to keep people safe. I suspect the park will not be open passed sunset or not too long after so, aside from potential crime and being approached by a person asking for money, I don't see much of a problem with it.
With that being said, we still need more neighborhood and larger parks around the newer parts of the city.

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