To the Editor:

Well, there are big lies and the other kind.

Lyndon B. Johnson — “We were attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin.”

Result: 58,000 killed in action and billions of dollars lost. Saigon renamed Ho Chi Minh City.

Richard Nixon — “I am not a crook.”

Result: The only president to resign the office in disgrace.

George W. Bush — “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.”

Result: More than 4,000 killed in action, billions of dollars wasted, Iraq infiltrated by Iran and cities taken over by insurrectionist.

I think one of the biggest lies going around by conservatives is that race is not a factor in their criticism of the president.

They do protest too much.

John Sammis


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Why do we let this president get away with stufff worse than what another president did and resigned for? What has happened to us? Why do we overlook what Obama has done? Are people so brainwashed that they can't see it or that they don't want to. Lets wake up America or we will have a government like Russia.


I haven't overlooked anything and believe that obama should be impeached and removed from office.


I wasn't talking about you, but people like Sammis, Mama Griz and all the other peolple who are so blinded by this president, who really isn't a president or doen't act like one. He is just out to do what he wants. Some things about Obama care are good, like you can't be denied, but if you can't afford it what does it matter.


Excuse me but I just looked up watergate and it was president Nixon trying to coverup listening to the democratic convention. God for bid. Now Obama is listening to everyone and we think nothing of it. What is wrong with us? And its not about Obama being black. but he is also the prsesident of white people and he doesnt act like it. Unfortunatley blacks stick with blacks no matter what. The thing is he is the president of everyone, but acts like he is the president of just black people.


Well, the Watergate scandal was a little more complicated than that. Today, no one is listening to anyone. The mass perception that the NSA is listening in on everyone's calls is the result of politicians spinning tales to an ignorant nation, for political purposes.


Republicans (spelling error), who happen to be black, but they do not put forth that

as a front that must be considered first. They have their CHARACTER that

distinguishes them. Dr Ben Carlson, LTC(R) Allen West and Dr Thomas Sowell

are some that would get my vote if they decided to run for office.


Unfortunately, allen west is a war criminal and you would do well to more thoroughly examine his "character".


Mr. Sammis' commentary left out one of the most significant politically, ethically and

culturally deficient elected official . In case anyone chose to forget, this President

lied under sworn testimony to Congress, did not resign his office and now is

considered by most in the media as respected senior statesman. I am referring to

President Bill Clinton. Anyone recall how "his" people ruined the reputations of all

the women who had made sexual harassment accusations which caused one

women's husband to commit suicide?

And as far as throwing the race card at a conservative, let me say that reveals how

biased you are. There are many well qualified people who are Rebulicans


Here are some of the lies being attributed to our current President (I didn't verify them all.)

1. "I firmly believe that marriage is between one man and one woman"
2. "My father was a poor goat herder"
3. "If you like your insurance, you can keep it"
4. If I don't reduce the deficit by 50%, I won't run for a second term"
5. "I never met my uncle"
6. Raising the debt ceiling is un-American"
7. 'My uncle was one of the first soldiers to liberate Auschwitz"
8. “I said Benghazi was a terrorist attack from the beginning.”
9. “First of all, I didn’t set a red line,” said Obama. “The world set a red line.”
10. “Under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place.”
11.We shouldn’t Mandate the purchase of health care

Mamma Griz

JIML:: So President Obama misspoke about the prison camp that his uncle helped liberate. I guess you are so perfect that you don't misspeak or make mistakes. Auschwitz is the more famous of the two and the one that naturally would come to mind.


Mamma Griz...Maybe the entire list I posted of the lies told by our current President didn't show up on your computer, or perhaps you chose to ignore 10 out of 11 of Obama lies that I posted, I Thank you for catching at least one out of the 11 lies he has told though.


Now a bold face lie is now considered misspoken .


On target my friend.


What about "I did not have sex with that woman?"

Mamma Griz

JIML: Your first reply was "lies attributed to our current President"-- then you ask "What about "I did not have sex with that woman'". When did President Obama say that?


Mamma Griz. I understand what you are talking about, I didn't agree with a letter to the editor written by John Sammis, my comments were about two different Presidents and I was hoping that John would discuss his position, however it appears that he is just another person that is willing to spew his opinion to the masses and then conveniently go deaf when an opinion he doesn't like is presented to him. You however appear to be willing to put up with those you disagree with and I appreciate that.


@ I think one of the biggest lies going around by conservatives is that race is not a factor in their criticism of the president.

Have to disagree with the writers statement---

Never took into consideration, the subject of colour when the present president showed up on the scene,Which to myself,
was when he was still an early senator. (I bet long before the man was ever thought of by those who now defend his weak leadership)...

It took me 6 months of following the man from his early days as senator to realize ,everything wasn't 'kosher' were he was concerned, and the words which came out of his mouth added proof.
He hasn't failed in his actions while in office , to prove me right .

I am happy to say ,my mother and daddy raised an independent thinker, who doesn't allow a persons colour to help in my decision if that person is good or bad for my future, or that of my country.

I would be a fool to allow that train of thought to overpower me.


Eliza....I think your reply to whatever comment you were replying to wound up on the wrong page, I have read all of the comments to this article and yours just doesn't make any sense at all. The sad thing is that those who may be interested in your opinion are not seeing your comment on the matter you are speaking about.


I gave my own interpretation of my own thoughts of the president.
I didn't automatically dislike the man, But I soon learn he wasn't out to do good for the country.
Considering the lies written of above---
The man in office at this time has proven himself an ace at lying.


Eliza, I am black. I don't like his policies either. So I must be a racist huh?


@ So I must be a racist huh?

I don't know - since I don't know you.
If you are-that's your business---


Unfortunately, Iraq did have WMD, as "we" found them there. Additionally, Iraq was hiding Al Qaeda operatives on its soil, and supporting them. The group was called Ansar al Islam, and were operating inside Iraq, funded by Al Qaeda, from 2001. This group had ricin, provided to them by Iraq. These are the facts, and they are undisputed.

While you are entitled to your erroneous views, you are not entitled to your own facts. Nor are you entitled to exploit the military service and sacrifice of others for your political punditry. This is exactly the lack of respect that engenders contempt and dislike for the liberal party. As is your convenient penchant for equating freedom with dollar signs. You don't seem to be worse off because others provided you your freedom and safety.

Since you are apparently so concerned about Iraq's status, its current state is the direct responsibility of obama. he is the one who rushed from Iraq, declared victory, and tried to take the credit for a battle he personally tried to defund while in the senate; stabbing our troops in the back as he did so. So this failure is obama's, and obama's followers are to blame for Iraq's fate, and the millions in Iraq who now suffer. Congratulations.

As for your racist views, this speaks to the fact that it is you who are the racist, as you have been duped by liberal media and your handlers in the democratic party to believe that race is the source of the discontent concerning obama. Your hate-filled and ignorant comments are the problem, not the solution.

The sad truth is that obama is an unqualified academic who has from the very start failed and refused to listen to the American people. The citizens said "NO" to bailouts, spending, and obamacare; and all of these things were ramrodded through congress and down the throats of the American people. obama authorized the illegal selling of arms to mexican bandits, and got a US citizen killed. obama misjudged the entire situation in north africa, and set that continent afire. obama's incompetence resulted in 4 American being murdered in Libya. obama completely mishandled international terrorism and nearly set off WWIII with Syria. Now, this incompetent weakling has sold out the people of Crimea as he buckles under to russian oppression. Not to mention the ruinous domestic policies implemented, the waste, fraud and abuse committed by his cronies, and the unmitigated disaster called "obamacare". These are the reasons Real Americans rightfully criticize not only obama, but his dogmatic followers, who brainlessly parrot the "racist" mantra sold to them by their handlers at the master hive.

Frankly, your comments are insulting and show that the racist here is you.


Bubba, man you are on target. I guess I am a racist black man that don't like his policies or could vote for him. I did not see any Leadership trait's in him.

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