To the Editor:

This letter is in rebuttal to Jay Howard’s recent comments against red-light cameras.

Mr. Howard is entitled to his opinion, but he is wrong. Red-light traffic cameras have proven to reduce “red light violations,” which means other vehicle drivers and passengers are safer. Safety is the primary reason for all traffic control devices and signs. Violations of traffic control devices means, the vehicle operator is not operating in a safe manner and is unnecessarily endangering others. Often, red-light running is a result of speeding or inattention by the vehicle operator. We should deploy cameras at more intersections instead of eliminating them.

D. Stephens


Reader argues residents should be able to see Killeen’s audit report

To the Editor:

Why can’t the people hear about the audit (of Killeen’s municipal finances)? We are paying for it, not the Killeen City Council.

Or are Mayor Jose Segarra, Tim Hancock, Dan Corbin, Scott Cosper, Jim Kilpatrick and Bruce Whitis also paying Odysseus Lanier (of McConnell & Jones audit firm) to put off everything till after the elections?

It’s the people paying him (Lanier), NOT the City Council.

Gerald Meier


Reader says Herald’s AP awards testimony to intregrity, legitimacy

To the Editor:

The (Texas Associated Press Managing Editors) awards garnered by the Killeen Daily Herald is highly positive testimony to its integrity and legitimacy as a dependable newspaper.

It has sustained these traits for the sake of its readers’ trust and confidence.

At a time when news is said to be polluting the media industry throughout the world, it is encouraging to note that the KDH can be depended upon for the real gist of the news for each day.

For a local newspaper to do this is a remarkable feat.

Despite its conservative stance, it does not avoid presenting all sides of an issue regardless of where the conclusion might lead in the end.

This fact about the KDH is one that a reader values as a regular customer. May these outstanding characteristics remain.

B.B. Mequi

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Dr Strangelove

This guy is stupid I got one years ago a ticket for a turning right on RED. No Human Killeen Police Officer would have given me a ticket for that. I’ve not shopped in Killeen for years I boycott Killeen; they will not get my sales tax dollars! I’ve purchased high ticket items but not in Killeen. Rip me off will ya!


The letter writer is repeating talking points and connected to officials. I'll informed.


Unconstitutional and outright, deliberate thievery by a bunch of thieves. Choose wisely with whom you associate. God is watching.



If those cameras are so wonderful, why are they being banned all across the country. Why are there so many lawsuits against them. Why have some of the people involved with the cameras going to jail? Why are the yellow lights set at 3 seconds? If they are so wonderful, why aren't they at every intersection in the city, state, country?
The Texas Senate has just voted to ban the cameras in Texas. I do hope the House follows their lead. The cameras are just another wonderful way for our politicians to make more revenue.

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