To the Editor:

The notice in the May 6 Killeen Daily Herald gives us (Bell County residents) until May 20 to oppose a tax increase of $72,010 for 50 employees who will be compensated.

It seems to me that it was a short time ago that the Bell County governing body of five men gave themselves a salary increase of $30,000 each, as they raised Bell County property taxes for that purpose.

Bell County has a population of about 326,842. But only the people in Killeen (about 134,654 people), Temple (about 69,148 people), and Belton (about 19,408 people) are alerted to let the people authorizing the raise to protest.

I guess the other 103,632 people in Bell County will not have to get a raise in their property taxes.

Oh well, we’re probably all out of luck if we disagree anyway.

The notice clearly states that, “If approved by the appraisal district board of directors at the public meeting, this proposed budget will take effect automatically unless disapproved by a majority of the governing bodies of the county, school districts, cities and towns served by the appraisal district.”

Do you ever get the feeling that you are powerless if you do protest?

I do it, anyway. I protested with a petition of about 10 names, including my own, at the last Bell County tax budget increase hearing, but to no avail.

However, it felt good to do my civic duty, even though the only one of the six entities for which I am in danger of having an increase, is with the Clearwater Underground Conservation District.

This is only because I am over 65 and I am a homesteader.

God help the rest of you if you are not exempted because of the military or a disability.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.

property owner


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S Little

Bell County really needs to realize stop spending so much. People are not getting raises at work so why should county workers get a raise. The house I own according to the county went up in value however you can not sell the house for what you paid for it much less what the county says it is worth. The only thing you can do is hope to rent the house and take a loss.

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