To the Editor:

Since President Trump was elected, 93,000 jobs have left the United States — the highest rate in over five years. Carrier (a subsidiary of United Technologies) shipped 1,300 jobs to Mexico. In order to keep 800 employees in the U.S., the company was awarded $7 million in tax benefits and subsides by then-Gov. Mike Pence. Now the company has outsourced another 600 employee jobs to Mexico. So far this year, Carrier’s gas furnace production plant has cut at least 600 employees.

Rexnord Corporation, which produces ball bearings, is boxing up equipment and shipping it and 350 jobs to Mexico. Becton and Dickinson, both medical technology firms, have also moved their manufacturing overseas. The tourist industry has lost 40,000 jobs and $4.6 billion because of this administration’s rhetoric. The banking sector have given bonuses then fired thousands of people. Walmart is closing 63 Sam’s Club stores and cutting employees’ time and benefits. Kimberly-Clark is going to lay off 13 percent of its workforce worldwide and over 5,000 jobs in the U.S. Harley Davidson is laying off over 800 and stated it was a direct result of the current trade policies. It’s not looking so great to me.

Sandra Blankenship


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