To the Editor:

The United Nations panel on climate change recently issued a 2,500-page report.

According to the report, if something is not done quickly about planet-heating greenhouse gases, nobody in this planet is going to be untouched.

Rising oceans, drought, hundreds of millions of people displaced, trillions of dollars in damage. Farmers would be unable to meet the world’s food demand, etc, etc.

A deal to reduce carbon emissions is scheduled to be finalized by the end of 2015.

According to many, without the United States’ involvement, it will not have a major impact. The U.S. is criticized for not ratifying the 1997 Kyoto climate accord.

The fact is that most of the world’s energy users, and polluters including China and India have not ratified the accord, either. It seems to me that the insistence on U.S. participation has more to do with finances than leadership.

According to Simon Jenkins on, the developing world needs billions in aid. Hence, the importance of U.S. participation.

Manmade global warming has never been proved without the shadow of a doubt; it’s a theory, not established science, according to the Washington Examiner.

From 1997 to 2012, the temperature remained static even with the world’s worst polluters pumping out tons of carbon dioxide.

There have been so many predictions of doom that somehow it seems understandable for many people to question them as well as the potential “solutions.”

Not long ago, wind turbines were going to solve the energy problem, except for the fact that it would have taken at least 15-20 years to produce enough energy to cover one-third of the energy necessary.

Six years ago polar bears were “dying” because the ice was melting too fast. Al Gore, who became a multimillionaire thanks to the global warming issue, predicted that Arctic ice would disappear by the year 2013.

A few years ago we were warned that a 1-degree rise in the earth’s temperatures would cause unimaginable damage.

There are many things that can be done to prevent emissions and also help protect our environment.

Fuel-less vehicles appear to have some potential. Worldwide efforts to prevent deforestation would be a positive step, as would planting more trees, and cleaning our lakes, rivers and large bodies of water of debris and plastic that kill so many fish, a staple of our diet.

Houston and the rest of the United States, we have a potential problem looming in the atmosphere. We just need more well-documented facts.

Pedro C. Santiago

Retired master sergeant


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Natural global warming and cooling is cyclic depending on sun activity. Manmade global warming is an absolute hoax, a false religion for the godless, and it is not about the environment. Rather it about controlling populations and the global economy. There is no difference between a global warming alarmist and a rabid marxist.

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