To the Editor:

I want to thank the dedicated minority that voted in the Texas primary.

Whether we were left or right of center, we voted and believed our vote and our candidate was the better choice.

But still we are the minority.

We took the time and made the effort to express our feelings about were we want the county, the state, and the nation to go. But ours is the minority voice.

Some want a country that is privatized/corporatized and Christian, but were they the majority or the minority?

Some of us want a country of individual privacy underlayered by government of, by, and for the people.

Are we the majority or the minority?

We will never know until there are more people willing to vote to express their wishes.

We will never know until the shame of being a democracy without citizen activity is changed.

We all know there are many problems to solve and issues to address but for some reason the majority of citizens have decided that these are not their concerns.

We dislike Congress, the president, the media, and each other but what do we do?


The majority does nothing while complaining of all the things they dislike.

They have a tool: the voting booth, and they don’t use it. I can only wonder why.

Glenda Turck


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Mamma Griz

Geez. There wasn't a big turnout at the ballot boxes? Maybe there were others like me. I voted BY MAIL. I didn't show up anywhere to vote-- except to the post office, and that was before early voting in person. And maybe people are getting tired of all the bi***ing that some people are prone to do. Oh well, it will all be over soon-- all but the complaining. And I wish it would cease and desist for a while-- but there are some people who will never shut up.

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