To the Editor:

I’m writing this letter in response to the letter written by Patricia Muldrow Roberts, March 10, Letters to the Editor.

Ms. Roberts tells us that we have to end an atmosphere of fear and hate. This is true, but she obviously is a disciple of this fear and hate.

In her letter, she scolds Republicans and former President Bush for the troubles we’re in while, at the same time, she complains about unnecessary blame on our current president, President Obama.

Then she goes on to present fear at the end of the letter where she talks about Bible banging, gun toting, and longing-for-the-good-old-days Americans, who she believes have something against women, immigrants and minorities.

To me, she sounds like she is stirring up fears, but of course she believes it is fact and thinks she should stand up against it. The problem is people with her thinking are the ones who really fear and hate those who do not think like them.

It is a shame that people are using America’s own basic rights as fuel to present hate and fear. I think Ms. Roberts forgot that gun control in America was also used to disarm minorities, or that the Bible is what got most of us minorities through slavery and beyond.

Maybe she should be upset how the government is destroying the values of the church in favor of political correctness.

Her outrage should be placed at the many absent fathers that walk proudly in our communities, and the government policies that support a woman being without the father of her children, rather than with him.

I do agree with some of the gun-toting claims, but for the most part she’s condemning the wrong people. The gun-toters she needs to be worried about are the ones that are affecting her community, and mine.

I am empathetic toward the young soldier she referred to in her letter, but the key point she made was that he volunteered to join the military. This soldier willingly served our country, and I find it disrespectful to use him as a pawn in your attempt to justify your position.

I understand the pride for President Obama, but we can’t overlook the fact that his record as president is less than impressive. He is costing our communities, and our country, the American Dream, while those 400 families she is so upset about continue to make record profits. All we have done as a community is protect this man, and place any blame that he may have on his predecessor, while we suffer.

Ellis E. Hilliard


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Your insight is correct, she has a slanted view, as for me, I have know respect of persons, I call it as I see it, This President is a shame, he has devided the people along racial lines(the ones that believe that he is the one sent), they trash everything that is held dear to the people of this country, I trust people who have gained my trust, not people that never admit their mistakes.


liberals cannot see their own arrogance and intolerance. They simply want to rule.

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