To the Editor:

I live in the Stan Schlueter Loop area.  Recently the city of Killeen performed construction on the east end of Stan Schlueter Loop, by blacktopping the roadway.

My question is whether the city is complete with this project. I hope not.

I have lived near Stan Schlueter loop for over 15 years, and this road has always been known for accidents because of the heavy volume of traffic to and from U.S. Highway 190 (Interstate 14).

In my opinion, this is not a safe road to travel, even when conditions are favorable. Now that the traffic cameras are no longer operational, it’s even more dangerous.

My concern is, this road looks very slippery and dangerous for automobile drivers when wet. I can only imagine what it looks and feels like for the motorcyclists.

In Central Texas, we don’t see all four seasons as other states do. Either it’s hot or cold; there is no in between.

Sometimes winter can be brutal. With fall and winter approaching soon, I do question the safety of this roadway.

With that being said, I do hope that the city of Killeen has taken this into consideration that this may be a catastrophe waiting to happen if this road proves to be unsafe in icy conditions.

It’s enough that the taxpayers pick up the bill for the construction that is being performed on our highways, but we also must pick up the bill for the damage that occurs to our vehicles due to construction.

I feel that we pay enough in taxes that the city of Killeen should give us only the best.

All the caution in the world sometimes is not enough. I am just stating that some situations are preventable.

Annette Rauch


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Richard North

This letter reminds me of when I was in the Army. We stripped, waxed to a high shine the command building top floor by order of the commander. We were called back to the building because someone had dumped dirt along the middle of the entire hallway from start to finish. We finally found out that some imbecile brass
decided the hall way look to shiny and to "unsafe" to walk on. So he got some troops to dump dirt down the middle of the hall way. The road looks fine and clearly marked. People just need to pay attention, slow down and for heaven sakes drive with some courtesy.


It was totally resurfaced with asphalt. Certainly created a traffic mess while the work was going on. Don't know how it's "unsafe". Next time we experience heavy rain or ice try slowing down.


I see a lot of speculation and emotion in this letter, but I see no facts. It "looks" unsafe. What does that mean? What would "safe" look like? What component of road engineering was unsafe? What should have been done instead? Emotion and feelings are no replacement for facts.

Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery about the red light scam cameras. All they did was rip off the citizens of Killeen—didn’t make the roads safer!

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