To the Editor:

Back in August, you published a letter about the new law regarding trucks parking within 500 feet of a residential neighborhood.

The writer was especially upset over these truckers having to pay additional fines he referred to as taxes. I know two of the locations were at Clear Creek and Stan Schlueter and Clear Creek and Watercrest.

Well, now the truckers have found a way around the new law, parking a bit outside the 500-foot restriction adjacent to undeveloped land, but still within the 500-foot restriction for the homes on the northeast side of Watercrest.

I feel like it’s a terrible eyesore, and additional pollution each time their engines start. But there is a bigger picture here ... a tremendous need for these truckers to have a legitimate place to stop!

With the new designation of Central Texas Expressway as Interstate 14, reports on this change have justified it by saying it is an opportunity for new commerce for the area. So, let’s start addressing the obvious needs.

Providing a “truck stop” for the area (I don’t believe there is one from Temple to Lampasas) would certainly eliminate trucks being parked too close to residential areas and not having the required services these drivers so greatly deserve.

Hopefully, someone or a group who is looking for business opportunities also recognizes the need and will solve the problem for the benefit of all.

Ellen Tullos


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