To the Editor:

It’s time the media and Congress start working on what they were elected/selected to do. The media’s job used to be to report the news. It used to expand on the five-minute bites that TV and radio provided. It provided both sides of the story and let readers make up their minds on what’s important and what’s not.

Today, the media apparently feel that we readers do not have the knowledge or intelligence to understand the news, so they add their opinion, as news, and it appears (on occasion) that they seem to make it up. If you want to see how they work today, all you have to do is watch the White House briefing once.

One reporter will ask a question, get an answer, then the next reporter (who evidently has a hearing problem) asks the same question  with a little different twist and gets the same answer. This goes around the room until the spokesperson ( who has attempted to answer virtually the same question) gets tired and ends the briefing.

Then as she walks out the door someone shouts out a stupid question/comment to justify their not getting the answer they feel is the answer they want.

I for one would just like the information so that I can make up my own mind about what’s important to me. I really don’t care what some reporter or editor thinks that I  should feel  is important. I just want the facts, untarnished by what the media feels is important.

As far as the Democratic way of looking at things, all you have to do is look at the difference between the Texas response to Hurricane Harvey versus Katrina. There is no crying as there was from the Democratic leaders who were ill-prepared in the New Orleans crisis. There was a group effort to help their neighbors and coordination among all levels of government.

The party of NO leaders has shown that its brand of leadership does not exist. Their media friends attempt to justify their inability to accomplish anything for their constituent. They condone riots, blame anyone who tries to provide any solutions and sits back while  action is required.

It’s time to let everyone in Congress know that we are fed up with their inability to work together for the good of the country. The media’s job is to ensure that they do, but waste too much time playing “got you” rather than just reporting the news.

W.A. Wright Jr.


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NOTHING in the left wing propaganda media is credible. They have degenerated into nothing but lying disciples of Joseph Goebbels. Perhaps it is time to require an occupational license to practice as a journalist. While you have a constitutional right to say what you want, you do not have any right to be a journalist. We require licenses for health care providers and other occupations to protect us from malpractice and incompetence. Why not the same requirement for journalists.


The media is doing their job, even Fox news to some extent. The press is supposed to challenge the "official word". Ask hard questions, ask again when they hear something that they know is untrue. If you think it's tough today, look at some of those old black and white Meet the Press shows, where you had old cigar smoking reporters asking politicians hard questions which they already knew the answers better than the politician. A free and independent press keeps this country free, always annoying and grating on the nerves. Look at all the audit information that is coming out about how Killeen was spending money. Do you think the office holders would have come clean on their own.


After reading a letter to the Killeen Daily Herald Editor titled, “Killeen reader says county should not move confederate statue,” I had to look at my military uniforms to make sure that I served in the United States Army and Marine Corps, not the Confederate States of America. Here’s the problem with those confederate statues that so many Southerners’ hold dear to their heart. If your heritage is your confederate relatives fighting against the United States of America and losing the war – yes; your relatives were and are still traders. There’s not two sides to this statement. You can’t fight against your country – lose the war and then be expected to be considered a hero by the winning forces. It just doesn’t work that way. However, if you want your “HERITAGE” to live on – buy some private land and put up all the confederate monuments you want. But, not one cent of federal, state or local tax dollars should fund these monuments. Also, if you want the history of the Southern states told with statues; let’s put Lynching Markers that show where African Americans were hanged by the neck until dead. Between 1882 and 1968 Mississippi lynched the highest number of African Americans with 581, followed by Georgia was with 531, and Texas was third with 493. That’s the history of the Southern states. Neither one of these two options paint a pretty picture of our country. But you should not have one without the other. So, what do you want, statues and Lynching Markers; or bury the pass and move forward as a country, under the constitution of the United States? GOD bless the Republic.

Dr Strangelove

HOOAH! [thumbup]

Dr Strangelove

When it comes to politics the media never provided both sides it has always leaned left.

As for Katrina the Feds has always said it will take us three days to get to you. Katrina was a failure of the local Democratic elected officials—FACT! What did the local government do; told police to take guns away from law abiding citizens trying to defend their properties from looters and thugs. Bush had nothing to do with that—FACT!


Are you serious? George Bush(Republican) was president when the disaster of Katrina happened. Bush appointed Michael Brown head of FEMA and he later resigned because of his incompetent handling of Katrina. It was all Republicans!! It is imperative to get your facts correct.


You have a AMEN from me! It's sad when one has to go and follow over 65 different news sources, just to get a little truth!

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