To the Editor:

Bennie Walsh, NAACP president of Temple Branch said, “I honestly cannot say I feel any hurt while looking at a statue; I feel it in other aspects.”

Leave the statues alone — they are part of history; we cannot change that no matter how we feel, but I do suggest this: Bennie of the NAACP and others,  please put all your energy and feelings into dealing with present issues, such as why is there such a terribly high number of unwed black women, abortions, single parents, black-on-black crime and black-on-white crime.

I have heard all the excuses and they no longer hold water.

I hope the (Bell County) commissioners stand tall, refuse to move history because it happens to offend three or four persons. Save the cost and do better with it.

Latana St. George


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Other countries that have tried to obliterate their history include communist China and the Taliban. They are no different from the communist Antifa and other left wing traitor groups.

Dr Strangelove

I disagree we should not honor traitors that tried to destroy the United States. Commissioned Officers like Robert E. Lee stood on the field of West Point and gave an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. He disobeyed that oath and his statue along with other traitors should not be on government property that my Tax Dollars pay for. Remove them and put them on private property so traitor worshippers can go to pray for them.


The statues ate works of art, firstly. Art is and will be controversial, that is what makes art.
Removing statues and other things of history, is what conquers have been doing since the beginning of time. That is why so much history has been lost. Take a look at the bible. The Bible has been rewritten, parts of it are missing, and not to long ago parts of the Bible were found hidden in caves. May Magdalene's book was totally removed from it, because she was a woman. If we look at other parts of history, we find that a lot was destroyed as well when a culture was conquered. That is why we still have so many so called mysteries, which puts a lot of archeologists to work. Can you imagine 200-300 years from now, what will be missing in the history books that many will wonder what happened.
To me this is like a child that didn't get his or hers way, so know they are tossing a temper tantrum in the middle of a store, threating to tear stuff up, screaming and so on. If you reward the child by giving them what they want, they keep doing it. This is what has happened. Last night I watched St Louis live, I watched 5 flags get burned. I watched and heard people chant kill the police, kill white people, no justice no peace. I watched amazed at the behavioral problem that should have been stopped along time ago.
See I went to a public school, my class was about 75% black. The class was taught to every kid the same way, yet I am to be told that I had an advantage. No, I didn't have an advantage, I sat down in my seat and listened to my teacher. Went home and did my school work. ( my Grandma raised me after my parents divorced) In all truth, it was hard to learn, because for the most part the black students, didn't want to learn. They wanted to terrorize the white students, terrorize the black students that want to learn and so on. Yet we all were taught the same way. See these old tried warn out excuses, have now become a temper tantrum, because people are being called out on the bull puck.
I for one will not give in to a child or any human that chooses to be destructive. To me all this tells me is this has become away for people to terrorize others into get what they want.
We in the United States do not give into Domestic or foreign terrorist. This is what the NAACP, BLM, and Antfia have become.
Leave the statues alone.
Teach your children to sit, stay and respect others. Even I was taught how to respect a police officer by the time I was 5. By the time I was 5 I knew to respect my teachers and I came from a broken family, so that is no excuse.


Agreed! they shouldn't come down. Bell County has deep roots with confederate ties. Ft Hood is tied to it as well as Belton and the county Keep them up. The NAACP also said blacks are afraid to go to Belton. That is such a big lie

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