To the Editor:

Last week, Congress was voting on a two-week extension for the budget. Sen. Chuck Schumer and company voted no; Republicans voted yes.

Democrats wanted a DACA solution before anything else was done. In essence, they put the country, federal workers, the military and the Child Health Program on the back burner in favor of noncitizens. It did not work and the shutdown was terminated in less than 72 hours.

Now it seems the president is contemplating legalizing DACA immigrants and another 800,000 as well. Anyone would think that the news would bring joy to the opposing party.   

Wrong! Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s response to the president’s offer was quick and mean-spirited, saying that the offer “shows the magnitude of racism and bigotry because of his desire to make America white again.”

What could be the reason for such a rabid response to a seemingly excellent offer, double what they requested?  

It has to be fear that the president will accomplish what he promised those who voted for him: improve the economy. lower taxes, build a wall, end chain migration, start steps to  terminate the immigration lottery, etc., etc.

Immigrants are one of the main sources of votes for Democrats.

It is obvious that despite fighting for legalization of DACA, the Democrats want much more;  otherwise they would not have reacted so violently to the president’s offer to double their request.

What do they want?  Legalization for the 10 million to 11 million “living in the shadows”?!

The incoming negotiations should include:

1.  Legalization of DACA members without  felonies in their records

2.  Termination of chain migration

3.  Building the wall to protect against influx of drugs

4.  Agreement to end immigration lottery

5.  Full support for the military

6.  Nationwide mandatory voter ID

7.  Eliminate funding for cities/states that refuse to obey immigration laws

8.  A study of the anchor baby issue

9.  Consideration of a return to the “Braceros” program. It was initiated     to compensate for the shortage of farm  workers during WWII. The 1942 agreement with Mexico to send thousands of laborers/farm workers to the U.S. ended in the early 1960s.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Amazed at what goes on

Nancy Pelosi did what she always does....talks a lot, and says nothing, She is a ridiculous excuse for a leader. Funny how the only people talking about America becoming white again are the Democrats. And what have they done about it? Nothing. Shumer is against everything (most fools are), Pelosi shoots her big mouth off, and the other Dems follow along blindly. They only need to look in the mirror to see why nothing gets done.


This is the personal opinion of this writer.
@P.C. Santiago: Yes, I agree, the Democrats do claim to want a white America again.
But what the Democrats want is to destroy this nation once and for all and will leave in it's place path of destruction.
Yes, President Eisenhower was the last American President that showed any inclination to 'keep the cultural aspects of America within the framework of the American Constitution'. Now the Democrats have thrown open the doors to 'anybody and everybody', and not only those who have the desire to 'keep America culturally and morally within the framework of being a Christian nation', which is what this nation started out as being. There wasn't any other religions represented here with the formation of this country so why would there have been some other religions presented? And yes it was the desire of Americans to strive for a better life than was presented in their native lands.
This nation was the option to what the world at that point in time was, a global entity comprising all aspects of statehood monarchy's of various sorts in which there was a king/queen/emperor relationship in which all power was effectuated.
Now, it has gone full circle and once again we are letting people who do not look at the form of government that we once had as being the promise in which people came to American shores to be the chance for a better life in which they could raise their family's. They only want 'what's in it for me', not realizing that the 'dream of coming to America is being destroyed by the act itself'.
Who knows how many illegals and refugees have entered this country since the early 1960's. How many illegals and refugees are from socialistic operated country's that would be foreign to 'the American way of life as it once was'.
I am of the opinion that 'we must get the population back to a ratio in which the cultural and moral aspects of Christianity would again be the dominant factor'. And yes I do believe that this nation was started by a group of inhabitants in which the Scots, the Irish, the English, and to a lesser degree, people from the European nations were to a lesser degree were the inhabitants. These people were the immigrants that settled this nation, people who saw this nation and it's constitution as a better form of government than was presented to them by their own country's.
Yes I do believe that 'there should not be any form of anchor baby relationship; that to achieve legal status of this country require both parents be in this country legally. Reduce this population to legal status participants only and reduce the importation to a minimum of people desiring to 'come to America', legally.
This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
One of the 4.58 % who voted.

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