To the Editor:

The Sunday (March 26) edition of the Killeen Daily Herald was definitely an eye-opener.  This was especially true for people like me, who despite having lived in Killeen for the past 33 years, am not familiar with the  intricacies of small-town politics, or as the KDH calls it “family ties.”

I usually vote on all national elections and for the past few years, the local ones.

Persons in the political arena are very adept at telling citizens what they want to hear.  We forget that the enticement of financial gain may lead to accessibility to persons in a position of power in the city hierarchy and tilt decisions in favor of those involved.  

Maybe the newspaper article will be the catalyst toward complete transparency in our local government.

During a question/answer session of candidates for City Council, one of the candidates, a retired colonel, brought forth the issue of, as he called it, “good old boy shenanigans” that he felt were taking place.  

Every one of the remaining candidates (some active or previous members of the administration) denied vehemently that anything close to that was taking place nor had ever taken place in the city of Killeen.

Citizens of Killeen are resilient people that believe in veracity rather than assertions. Whatever the results of the city’s finances are, we have the potential for a bright and prosperous future.

We must select candidates that are qualified and that their primary goal is the well-being of Killeen and its citizens.

Honesty and truth must prevail. Anyone who fails to meet that criteria should be removed at the earliest possible time.

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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