To the Editor:

My neighbor is an insulin dependent diabetic. I got a call for her family yesterday telling me that they found her in a semi-comatose state. She told them that the only thing she had eaten all day was a peanut butter sandwich. She is not able to afford her almost $2,000/month insulin bill and was trying to keep her blood sugar low so she could stretch her insulin supply.

Fortunately, the family recognized what was going on and was able to raise her blood sugar with some orange juice. However, this does not solve her blood sugar control problems over the long run.

There are people all over the U.S. cutting back on their insulin needs because they can no longer afford the 300% increase cost of their insulin. Some are dying.

This same insulin has been around since 1922 and there is absolutely no excuse for these tremendous price increases.

Eli Lilly, one of three companies controlling 90% of the insulin worldwide, had an income of $25.5 billion in 2018 but paid not one penny in taxes. President Trump promised to lower drug prices. Alex Azar, former head of Eli Lilly, tripled the price on insulin during his time at the company and is now Trump’s secretary of Health and Human Services. This neighbor lady is still waiting for a decrease in her insulin prices.

Mayin Ho


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