To the Editor:

Shortly after Donald Trump’s election victory, the Democrats (most in a dire state of shock) started a recount of the three key states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Their efforts proved to be futile.  

The next step was to attack the Electoral College, which Mr. Trump won decisively, and call for its abolishment.

This was fueled by Hillary Clinton’s winning the popular vote, thanks, in part, to California and New York. In essence the Democrats tried to create an Electoral College revolt, which failed.

The Russians are now at the forefront of the political news.  They are accused of hacking the election because Donald Trump was their preferred candidate.  After an investigation by the NSA, FBI and CIA, the hacking charge was found to be correct; however, no evidence of tampering with voting machines or electoral procedures were found.  

There was no question that the DNC had been hacked and the information was in turn given to WikiLeaks. What was unveiled was a rampant pattern of deception and corruption: emails, statements, conversations, including plans to derail Clinton’s Democratic opponent as well as Trump’s run for the presidential nomination, reference to Hispanics as the “needy,” plans to disrupt rallies by inciting violence (paid for by the DNC).

Mr. Podesta’s emails were at the center of the scandal.  If one adds her problems;  emails, mail server, extreme carelessness with classified documents, it is feasible that some voters changed their minds about Mrs. Clinton. Was it the cause of her election defeat? Doubtful.  

Can you imagine the DNC making a statement like this;  “We lost because WikiLeaks exposed the truth about our campaign”?  

As Vice President Joe Biden said after the final electoral vote last week: It’s over!

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Barking like a dog didn't help.

Dr Strangelove

Spot on Roody2 [thumbup]

Dr Strangelove

Seems to me the Democrats are blaming everyone for their defeat but the main reason why they didn’t win. Hillary Clinton is the worst candidate they have ever put up for President. The American people are not stupid we all know she’s a crook. I was not surprised at all that Trump won; just before the election just going on social media you could see Trump was going to win.

They only ones that were shocked were the DNC & mainstream liberal media because they think we Americans in flyover country are a bunch of hateful racist rednecks. Well that’s what they’re pushing now. Also Saudi Arabia gave the Clinton's millions of dollars how come they’re not being blamed for influencing the election?

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