To the Editor:

Welł I was reading the March 17 KDH, and low and behold, now they’re moving the DPS office away from the seniors in north Killeen.

Just another example that Killeen city leaders have completely forgotten about north Killeen. What’s next? City Hall, the police substation, utility collections, post office?

The city spent all the money to revitalize downtown Killeen and then moved everything south.

I understand DPS is state but didn’t see any of our supposed city leaders try to stop it.

I think we need to to change our election rules and say all city leaders be elected every two years. mayor and city council, not the way it is now.

This way if they don’t work for the citizens, then we can elect some who will. Maybe then someone will remember there is a large population of registered voters north of Rancier  Avenue and a large majority are seniors and retired military.

I chose to live here close to Fort Hood in north Killeen for medical and other facilities. I’d be willing to bet that all council and mayor live south of Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

The people in north Killeen need to get out and vote in May before they move polling stations south away from us as well.

James Thompson


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