To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to once again express my dissatisfaction for the way in which the media, along with the Democratic Party, manage to change, misinterpret, misquote and obscure the truth for the sole purpose of pushing/forcing their agenda on others.

The president announced that soldiers may be sent to the border to assist and prevent hundreds of illegal immigrants from reaching our border.

That announcement became blockbuster news on TV and in newspapers everywhere.

Cries of racism, anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic, etc., etc.

The truth is that action has been taken before more than once by President Bush, President Obama and Gov. Perry, who have sent troops to the border before. As of this moment, no soldiers have arrived at the border, yet the announcement apparently had an effect on the marchers because the caravan slowed down and has begun to disperse.  

Even caravan coordinators seemed to misunderstand the wall debate going on.

According to an article by Christopher Sherman, AP in the Austin American Statesman, when Mr. Trump endorsed “the nuclear option” pushing for funding for the wall, coordinators told worried families that the president had floated the idea of using a nuclear weapon against a caravan of mostly woman and children.

In my opinion, the march or caravan was a test and it looks like they failed.

P.C. Santiago

Retired master sergeant


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