Killeen reader says methodology of appraisals must be addressed

To the Editor:

To the 4,000-plus residents who are concerned with the tax appraisals: let us consider the methodology as much a the figures. Both need to be addressed.

For decades, city management insisted on “afforadability” as a baseline. That allowed buildings to put up cheap housing, etc, behind the growth curve of values. They made money then at your expense now.

The U.S. 190 corridor is now I-14. This made a drastic, immediate and mostly artificial alteration to values.

The appraisal district staff is understaffed and overwhelmed. They may have a computer-based system that compares tracts based on size. All similar-size tracts are bumped if one sells high. This is not a reliable method to determine actual values.

The toxic shock impact of these adjustments will take some owners out of the game. Those who can remain will be hit hard. All of us will be affected by a shift in the economy based on unrealistic values.

Again, it is the methodology as much as the numbers that need to be addressed. Unite in your efforts to find solutions.

Wayne Duncan


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Here are a few properties I found in the public record that deserve an explanation. The properties that need to be explained are Property ID # 371876, 350809 , 77794 and 464404. These properties run fro 50 cents a sq ft to $2.25 a sq ft. They are not in line with surrounding tax appraisals. Look for yourself and make your own judgement The current system is unfair and unhealthy for the community as a whole.

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