To the Editor:

What do former President Barack Obama and Bell County Justice of the Peace Claudia Brown have in common? They think that their education equates to knowing more than any of us “deplorable” people.

Both blame others for their error. Both think that they have an insight that normal people lack and need to show how great and wonderful their ideas are.

Both know that they do not have to follow the laws set out for “normal” people as they are above those petty requirements.

Well, I for one don’t need to drink the Kool-Aid they are selling and hope that the people who voted them into office now understand why us “normal” people were upset with the eight years of wasted time provided by Obama, Reed, Pelosi and now, Claudia Brown and their ilk.

Now is the time that people will have to follow the laws on the books and if they see a need to change will run for an elective office that will allow them to do so.

We have to pay our own way and be held responsible for our own actions.

W.A. Wright Jr.


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Unfortunately there is a segment of Americans who believe that a Black man should not represent them and feel that educated people of color feel they're better then them. If that's the case that is your issue and you might consider you have an issue with race. We all have to remember race is still very much an issue. The Voting Rights Acts is only 52 years old which means their are a lot of people still living, especially in the South who lived during Jim Crow era and agreed with the systematic racism of that time. We all represent America like it or not.


We must have read two different letters because what I read was about Democrats not skin color.


Typical knee jerk whine from a democrat eager to cry racist if somebody disagrees with him. Since Claudia Brown is not a black man, she is a woman you clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Heights Teacher

I disagree. President Obama was a fine president who was only restrained from doing the public's business by over-zealous conservatives.

Dr Strangelove

I hope you’re not spewing that leftwing propaganda to the students at school?


Obama's agenda was to destroy American. He is a far left zealot. You clearly make a case of why we need school vouchers.

Dr Strangelove

Obama is the worst heck he makes Jimmy Carter look good. Have you noticed the press doesn’t talk about that 13 million more people are on welfare since Barry took office? How in the heck did Brown get elected?


She voted in. A right that is due all American citizens.

Dr Strangelove

I guess that question was over your head; let me X-PLANE it to you. “What stupid people voted that idiot into office?” [angry]


Exactly correct. Also both are arrogant and contemptuous of our bill of rights and both are left wing loons unfit for any office

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