To the Editor:

On Texas school funding:

Thank you for the Associated Press article regarding school funding dated Jan. 23. The $5.4 billion that was taken from the Texas education budget on the watch of Rep. (Jimmie Don) Aycock (R, Killeen) who serves as (House) state education chair, should have been replaced. Instead only $3.4 million was replaced. During the 2011-2012 school year, 40,998 KISD students were taught at $7,352 per child. I think about how much better these children would have done with the missing resources.

Your article noted that Lynn Moak, who has reported on state education finances for over 50 years, testified recently on behalf of 600-plus school systems who are suing the state over lack of funding. He stated that the cuts in 2011 left schools unable to prepare youngsters for lofty high school graduation requirements. My research also noted that based on Texas Education Agency data, Moak reported 258,000 students have failed one or more tests and are not on track to graduate (class of 2015 and 2016).

It was also interesting to note in the AP article that Judge John Dietz ruled that the Texas school finance system violates the state constitution. I have been a member of the Killeen Area Alliance of Black School Educators for some years. This group will honor Aycock in the spring of this year.

I’m hoping that Aycock will be able to report to KAABSE during the spring banquet, that financial progress will have been made for Texas schools. After all, he is the Texas House education chair. Our children deserve legislative warriors who will fight for the best education possible in Texas and especially KISD, where we live.

Dr. Claudia L. Brown,

Education consultant


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Claudia Brown is a typical liberal democrat that feels the only answer to education is to throw massive and unlimited amounts of our tax dollars at our government schools with no accountability. The fact is, throwing money at schools does not improve education. Competition would, however people like Claudia Brown and Jimmie Don Aycock are in the business of appeasing the anti education teachers union and oppose school vouchers. Two things I can think of that would vastly improve education in Texas would be to defeat Aycock and ignore Brown.


ref: Killeen single-stream recycling! I do not think the city should not force on the people of Killeen without letting them vote. There are a lot of poor people living here that can make it money wise . My wife and I live alone and do not generate enough recyclables to warrant a 92 gallon container especially at that cost. We recycle cans on our own cans to help pay the cost of travel once a year to visit family. I am glad the mayor is not running again along with council members that decided not to. they would not get my vote!!!


Dr. Claudia L. Brown, I hope you are on the ballot to get Aycocks job as I agree that our children and their education is Texas most valuable assists and not Guns or kissing Abbott rear end .Notice the GOP is pro life but once the kid is born the GOP ignores the children and puts their education on the chopping block . Which I think is very cruel .

I would vote for you again. So I hope you are on the ballot .


And should Brown run again, I will be there to educate voters of the absolute disaster she would be and how out of step she is with Texas values

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