To the Editor:

The president’s proposal for a tax overhaul has drawn a consensus from the media.

As expected, an almost unanimous negative response.

The Democratic leadership is going right along.

I agree that it lacks specifics. but it nevertheless raises hope for a beneficial outcome. I do not disagree with every taxpayer not getting a break.

Most jobs are provided or created by the wealthy and they pay 90 percent of the taxes collected.

Doubling the standard deduction seems appealing and would be even more so if the personal exemption is not terminated (unclear at this time).

The Killeen Daily Herald editorial of May 1 was somewhat disappointing in that it followed the national trend of negativism toward the new administration.  

Killeen Daily Herald editorials are usually impartial and fair to all involved, even while pointing out  discrepancies and non-truths (in whatever the subject matter is).  

It was an entirely one-sided and austere evaluation/ assessment of the proposal.  

Everyone is waiting for a comprehensible plan that will restore faith in promises made and bring solace to taxpayers.

 There are many of us that need it.    

P. C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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