To the Editor:

Though defeated recently, the transgender bathroom issue will resurface in the Texas Legislature.

In the not-too-distant past, one would check “sex: Male or Female” and we all knew what that was. Somehow, adding or subtracting parts can actually change the essence of who a person is.

The majority of the transgender (for many reasons) are men. Does hormone therapy, dress and physical alteration change who one is attracted to? If a man physically changes into a woman and is attracted to men, is that not homosexuality and vice versa?

Fundamentally, people are hetero, lesbian, homosexual or bisexual, no matter what they do to themselves.

From the DSM IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual on Mental Disorders) to the current DSM edition, a gender/sexual identity crisis is no longer considered abnormal nor a crisis. Guarded by the slogans of the millennium, the issue of sexual confusion is considered acceptable both morally and physically: 1) “It’s all good”— no more bad 2) “That’s your opinion”— so it does not mean much 3) “Whatever” — resignation and entitlement to voice one’s own opinion as fact.

Having dealt with people in counseling in D.C., who are either “pre-operative” or “postoperative” or “fluid,” I have found most of them to be ashamed and in a lot of emotional pain. Many have had “buyer’s remorse” over their choices. Many are not accepted by anybody; most were ostracized by their families as a result of their decisions.

But, importantly the transgender are in need of acceptance and love.

The issue with making it an imperative whose only guidelines would be “choose the bathroom which corresponds with what you feel you are” in a public setting would be cross dressers or voyeurs who would just “want to look around” and thus invade the privacy of others.

The very real option nowadays is to use a handicapped bathroom marked with both sexes. It affords the person the privacy they need as well as respects the privacy of others.

Moreover, it does not force a morality or legitimization of a sexually confused society that appears to want to rationalize its confusion by the invention of new genders to not confront the bigger question of “who and what I am really; and how can I love myself and others?”

Paul Passamonti


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