To the Editor:

We are a nation of laws; for too long, the laws have been ignored and when they are enforced, it becomes cruel and unusual punishment.

Let’s take the case of Rosa Maria Ortega.

She voted in two elections illegally. She was not an illegal immigrant. She was a legal resident of the USA.

The problem?

Under the voting laws, she did not have that right. She was not a citizen! Under Texas law, the penalty could have been 40 years in prison. Ms. Ortega refused a plea bargain for a two-year probated sentence.

A jury heard the evidence and sentenced her to eight years.

Harsh? I wonder how many hundreds or thousands of times it could have happened during the past two elections by any other non-citizens.

The president says that he inherited a mess.

Border security is an absolute necessity and immigration reform is imperative. I’m not a fan of a huge, expensive wall.

Refugees from Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan are creating havoc all over Europe.

Even generous Angela Merkel now admits that Islamic terrorists pose a threat for lack of border control (including Sweden).

The Armed Forces are at their lowest point ever experienced. All branches are in dire need of repair parts, weapons and personnel. There are 28 countries in the NATO Alliance. Twenty-three of those countries do not pay their fair share.

On the home front, there are many issues, including education, entitlements, school breakfast, food stamps, etc. Looks like Trump did inherit a mess, but he seems to be the right guy in the right place.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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Heights Teacher

I disagree with you, and I won't resort to name calling to do so.

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