To the Editor:

The decision by the president to halt admission of refugees from seven countries temporarily and refugees from Syria indefinitely created an uproar in the USA, not only among Democrats but also heads of state, and of course, the media.

Even some in his own party do not agree with the executive order. Activists, as usual, claim that ladies of advanced age and small children will be suffering the most.

This is not Franklin D. Roosevelt placing thousands of Japanese-Americans in internment camps during World War II, or returning a ship with European refugees (mostly Jewish) back to Europe.

President Trump’s order was legal and in pace with the president’s promises to his followers and the nation.

It was done to prevent terrorists from infiltrating our country with the refugees. Other administrations have expressed the need to fix our immigration laws, but attempts to do so have failed.

The leaders of England, France, Germany and Italy expressed displeasure at the news, while nationalists in the same countries lauded the decision.

Even though Germany and France were the recipients of an uncontrolled number of refugees, that in turn created havoc in their countries, proving that border control in essential to the sovereignty of countries.

Open borders is not the solution, considering the problems we are facing.

As of this moment, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and other European countries are reconsidering the refugee issue and have begun to place fences and additional border guards to ameliorate the situation.

Again, this is not new. President Obama called for a temporary ban on Iraqi immigration (2011). Previously, in 2008, he said the following: “Illegal immigration makes a mockery of those going through the process to enter legally. We should not take any shortcuts in protecting America.”

President Bill Clinton in 1995 stated, “We are a nation of immigrants but also of laws.”

He also suggested that the large number of illegal immigrants were a burden, we should deport twice as many, double the number of border guards and arrest those with criminal records.

President Jimmy Carter also had an issue with Iranian immigrants during the 1979 hostage crisis. He signed an executive order, forcing 50,000 Iranian students to report to an immigration office, deported up to 15,000 Iranians, ordered extra border screenings for Iranians entering the U.S. and canceled many existing visas.

There’s one issue I don’t agree with, which is that undocumented immigrants from Mexico and South America come to steal American jobs.

I’ve seen those people working 10 hours a day in 105 degree temperatures picking cotton, vegetables, fruit, etc.

Not a job that people will fight for.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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