To the Editor:

Let’s review. The invading Romans built Hadrian’s wall to control the Celts. The Great Wall in China was to repel the Mongols. Nazis built the Zigfried Line. Commies built one in Berlin.

What they have in common: Very expensive; severe impact on the environment, waste of resources, all faiiled intended use. Today they are tourist attractions.

Any structure built by man can be overcome by another with enough determination. Ask any prison guard.

President Trump does not read history books or anything else. He does not listen to advisers. He demands loyalty but gives none. He is obsessed with the idea of a wall in spite of the costs and predicted failure. It will be a financial and environmental disaster.

It is also a smokescreen/distraction from other topics.

The people coming here would prefer to stay home if they had a safe life. You would do the same. Would it not be better, more beneficial for all, if those countries were cleansed of the gangs, cartels and crooks? It might cost less, too.

How ’bout we issue Apple phones to everybody coming this way? In a few days, Google, Facebook will have the goods on each and every one ... just like they do on all of you who drank the Kool-Aid. Instead of Border Patrol, one of those unknown third parties who deal in info can I.D. everybody. Call it Hermano Grande. It has to be cheaper than a wall.

Trump has to “win,” get his way, regardless. The best we can hope for is the newly elected to remain strong and not fall under the influence of the K Street lobby crowd. If they can minimize the damage for the next two years, we might have a chance.

One more thing in common with all those other wall builders: When the wall went up, their empires came down. Is this our turn? Can we save ourselves? It’s up to you.

Wayne Duncan


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