To the Editor:

Re: Water fountain at Killeen dog park

I have been going to the Killeen dog park for a while now and enjoyed my dogs playing there as well as meeting many awesome people along the way.

In recent weeks, there has been an issue with dogs getting sick with a stomach virus that has been causing hefty vet bills for the owners.

The culprit seems to be the park’s water fountain, which is rather small, and the water in it turns into a sauce of dog saliva after just a short use.

Are the fountains being cleaned and if not, is there any way that the issue could be addressed with the city?

We, as dog parents, are grateful for having the park but also do not want our babies exposed to things that can make them sick.

I have started to bring my own water and my own bowl. Maybe there is a way to increase the water flow to wash out the nastiness, because the flow at the fountain right now is more of a trickle, and the upper part where one can get clean water to fill a bowl does not work at all.

Sabine Deutcher


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As a Dog trainer, I always tell my clients to bring water and one of the folding cloth bowls with them when they go to parks. Just like humans dogs can pass things to each other. Also one must remember at night when the park is closed, other animals will come by for a drink. Remember as well, rat poison doesn't kill quickly it kills slowly and cause the animal poisoned by it to want water, so rats and other animals will go search for a water source and can leave traces of poison left behind as well. Always remember no matter how clean something is, if you wouldn't drink from it why let your pet who is family drink from it.

Heights Teacher

I take my dog to Purser Park for his romps. On the one hand, the water dispensers there are not much better from what you're describing. On the other hand, one slurp of the water from one dog puts his bacteria into it. If you are concerned about fouled water, simply bring a small bottle of water and a bowl for you pooch.

A bigger problem than water are owners of aggressive dogs who bring their animals to the park, knowing that their dog will get initiate dominance fights with others.

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