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Killeen reader suggests president wants health care system to fail


To the Editor:

If I were President Obama and what I really wanted was a “national health care system” to control a fifth of my country’s economy, under my complete and total control, where I could use “life-saving” health care to control the populace, this would be my plan:

I would create a health care system that requires private health care insurance companies to join it, for profit, and also every American by force of law, and then make sure that the system I set up was developed under the control of an incompetent hard-core left-wing ideologue Cabinet secretary who was completely loyal to me and who would dutifully divvy out hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded contracts to my friends and supporters.

Then I would ensure that this health care system is so dysfunctional, unmanageable, cumbersome, expensive, frustrating, complicated and riddled with security concerns that it bankrupts those very insurance companies and scares off the hardworking “paying” populace so as to collapse the system I set up for them.

It would render more people uninsured then ever before, especially those who had insurance before and who desperately need to replace that insurance they had from their now-bankrupt insurance providers.

Then the populace would have to depend on me to “fix the problem,” which I would do by then imposing the very compulsory “national health care” system that gives me the control that I really wanted all along so that I can “rule” rather then “serve” the people.

Ed Coet