To the Editor:

I found it quite amusing upon reading KDH, Aug. 1, that in regard to Central Texas College beginning its coexistence with licensed concealed carriers of firearms, it has detailed a number of campus venues as gun-free zones.

One point that resulted in my almost uncontrolled laughter was the comment by Marc Nigliazzo that it would be up to librarians to determine whether concealed carry would be permitted in the library.

His comment about that “They didn’t want to publicize one building on campus that potential shooters knew there was no threat of a law-abiding citizen carrying a gun for protection” is exactly why gun free-zones don’t discourage the criminals.

Thus it is that our society continues to advertise to the criminals where they may effectively commit their crimes without fear of effective resistance.

As one who has been carrying a concealed firearm for more that 55 years, I continue to marvel at the thought processes that lead our hoplophobic liberals to continue in the folly of establishing “gun free” zones.

Perhaps these are to go hand-in-hand with those “safe places” where one can take refuge when they hear something offensive stated on campus.

Conrad Novack


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Bell county is certainly much safer because of these right-wing nuts and their guns!! Fake news


If you're wanting stricter gun laws and less "right-wing nuts with guns", perhaps Chicago would be appealing to you.

Dr Strangelove

Carrying a concealed firearm for more that 55 years; the law for concealed carry hasn't been around that long in Texas. I do agree with the rest of the letter.

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