To the Editor:

No doubt, Dr. (Claudia) Brown mis-spoke when she stated that President Barack Obama’s father fought in Patton’s Army against fascism (Letters, April 12 KDH). President Obama’s father was born in Kenya in June 1934. He was not in Patton’s army.

As to Obama’s philosophy of stressing the importance of peace, cooperation, and the equality of all people, there are exceptions.

All men (people) are not born equal, as evidenced by those born with visible handicaps. There are others, whose handicaps are discerned only by a measurement of mental and physical abilities.

Within groups, having received equal education and experience, there is proven inequality of individual ability to learn and to perform that which was taught.

The Constitution declares that all men are created equal. However; all are not. It means they are endowed by God with equal rights. Not ability. People are not created in every way equal to each other. Every American citizen is guaranteed an equal opportunity of education and work to attain the highest degree of success they are personally capable of.

Dr. Brown states that her American Heritage Dictionary defines the “right” as conservative in political views, while the “left” is characterized as egalitarian or advocating political, economic, and legal equality for all. These are also views of the “right” under the Constitution.

“Fascism,” she states, is defined as a system of government that exercises a dictatorship of the extreme “right.” She further states that in her opinion the “right” seems way too close to the definition of “fascism.”

Webster defines “fascism” as: a political philosophy that exalts nation (the state), or race above the individual), and stands for a centralized autocratic government by a dictatorial leader, and having severe economic and social regimentation and having forcible suppression of opposition.

Recent events point to the fact that this is what we have under the present administration.

To judge between “left” and “right,” make a two-column list. In the “left” column, list all things propagated in the platform of the people on the “left.” In the “right” column, list all things propagated in the platform of the people on the “right.”

Study the lists carefully and prayerfully. Judge yourself. Are you “left” or “right?”

Retired Chief Warrant Officer 3 Louis “Pat” Brittingham


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