Killeen reader takes issue with tone of editorial on Trump speech

To the Editor:

My letter is in response to the vitriolic editorial hit-piece against President Trump’s State of the Union address published in Thursday’s Herald.

Democrats not wanting to work with Republicans is typical of the morass that is Washington, D.C.

The left still can’t get over the fact that Trump beat Clinton.

The lie that is the Trump-Russia collusion is nothing more than a shiny bauble for the mainstream media to distract its base.

Now that Trump has shown he is open to a solution regarding DACA recipients, Democratic leadership is scrambling to come up with ways to derail the process.

Real immigration reform continues to be an elusive brass ring just out of reach of the past five administrations.

It is possible, but takes real political willpower and capital that few in Congress are ready to invest.

“Obamacare” will continue to collapse under its own weight and the end of the individual mandate will, hopefully, speed up its demise.

The editorial gave only a glancing acknowledgement of the strong economy and a booming stock market and associated 401Ks/IRAs.

How is a tax cut that directly and positively impacts the middle class cynical?

Lowering corporate tax rates to make U.S. businesses competitive in a global market is long overdue.

It’s (still) the economy, stupid.

Johnny Meadors


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